Things to Book

__Arrange Tranpsortation too and from airport.


__Spa Appointments

Things to Buy

Wedding Dress

__Mike’s tux

__Bridesmaid dresses

__Cake Topper

__Ring holder

__Mikes Wedding Ring

__Rehearsal Dinner clothes

__Cake Serving Set


Things to Make

__Create a list of local attractions/wedding timeline

__OOT bags

__Save the Dates


__Guest Book


__AHR invitations

Things to do

__Make a plan for wedding presents (If you've got a ton of wedding gifts to take home, ask if someone who lives in your city can take them back and keep them for you until after the honeymoon -- or even drop them at your home for you. Or, pack an extra duffle bag to bring them home yourselves.)

__Dress alterations

X_Create "must take" photo list

__Change of name paperwork

__Confirm final payment amounts

__Put hold on mail

__Look into marriage license information

Things to send

__Save the Dates


__AHR invitations

__Thank you notes (For shower, wedding, AHR)

__Thank you notes to vendors